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About Us

Odu'a Investment Company Limited

Odu'a Investment Company Limited

Odu’a Investment Company Limited is an independent private  company  run  by  an  independent  Board  of Directors  of seasoned  professionals  with  vast experience  in  business  and  human  resources management. The policies formulated by the versatile Board are translated into action  by  an  Executive Management  team  comprising high-flying  and accomplished  professionals. Odu’a Investment Company Limited leads a team of young, qualified and well-motivated  staff in  executing  broad policies  with the collective resolve to achieve quantum leap growth for the group. Even though, it has not been smooth all through, the company  as  an  integral  part  of  micro  and  macro economies continues to sail on the sea of prosperity guided by the divine hand of God Almighty, the sound vision of the founding fathers and the creativity of her managers.

As  a  dynamic  conglomerate,  Odu’a  Investment Company Limited continues to make forays into new, profitable ventures that will not only give returns to her  shareholders’  value,  but  create  employment opportunities  for  young  and  bright graduates  of various  disciplines.

Foreign and local investors are also discussing regularly with ODU’A about joint venture  partnership  for expansion  of  her  other  subsidiaries  like  Cocoa Industries  Limited  in  Ikeja,  Epe  Plywood  Industries Limited and Odu’a Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. Our relationship with foreign partners in the management of Nigerite Ltd and Lafarge Cement WAPCO Plc is waxing  stronger while  in the  hospitality  sector,  the company  is  discussing  with  International  brand managers in developing her three hotels; Lagos Airport Hotel Ikeja, Premier and Lafia Hotels both in Ibadan into globally acceptable standards. As an active  key player in  the  competitive trade and business world, opportunities abound in the ODU’A Group to local and  foreign  investors/technical  partners  seeking reliable  partners  in  new  business  opportunities  viz; Independent  Power  Project,  Oil  and   Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Packaging.


To be a world-class conglomerate


To deliver sustainable returns for all stakeholders; enhancing the legacy for future generations

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

Our Safety
Policy Statement

In order to fulfill our business objectives, the Management of Odu’a Investment Company Limited is dedicated to the following health and safety objectives:

  • To maximize the well-being [health] and productivity of our staff, clients, contractors and business partners.
  • To prevent damaging effects on turnover, profitability and assets through fire prevention, emergency preparedness and response, environmental protection and management
  • To prevent injuries, maiming, death and environmental pollution through occupational health and safety, safety and environmental auditing of our properties and equipment.
  • To promote our corporate reputation and encourage better relationships with clients, competitors, contractors and business partners in the world market of profitability.