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ODU’A MUSEUM & HALL OF FAME was conceptualized by Odu’a Investment Company Limited to reflect a memory of classical gild of history, technology, people and culture, arts and crafts as they relate to occupation and ingenuity of the past.

The idea of putting up a Museum and Hall of Fame has been in the uppermost mind of the Board and Management of Odu’a Investment who believe that most Yoruba have lost touch with their past, especially at it relates to the customs and traditions.

Management of Odu’a Investment Company Limited therefore put this Centre in place to showcase some objects of historical and aesthetic values that are evidence of the material culture bequeathed to us by our forebears.  It is no doubt, an eye-opener to school children, visitors and other people who are interested in Yoruba cultural values.

The Odu’a Museum is a noble innovation aimed at documenting the Yoruba cultural heritage for posterity.  It is no doubt that, the Yoruba have preserved their material cultural heritage which has reinforced their sense of identity as may be observed in the exhibition gallery of the ODU’A Museum under the following sub-themes:

  • Royal insignia
  • Various kinds of pottery wares and utensils
  • Traditional musical instruments
  • Yoruba warfare implements
  • Yoruba Peace Treaty in 1886
  • Indigenous mats of various types
  • Cloth waving material (Aso-Oke)
  • Various kinds of calabashes and gourds
  • Wood carving objects
  • Various kinds of traditional farming implements and
  • Products of colonial technological innovation involving our memories of the past.

The Hall of Fame is an Exploratory Room of attraction and information.  Photographs of distinguished individuals who have contributed immensely to the growth of the Yoruba nation and are seen as pioneers in their various careers are on display.  The personalities are deemed to have sailed through the under-listed conditions, among other viz:

  • An inductee must be a Yoruba achiever
  • He/she must be first in his/her chosen career
  • His/her achievement must have uplifted the Yoruba nation in particular and Nigeria in general and
  • The ‘Omoluabi” concept must be evident in his/her personality.