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In its repositioning drive to be a world-class company, Odu’a Investment Company Limited (OICL) has moved a step further to remodel the 21st floor of Cocoa House into a world-class office aimed at fostering a positive and productive work environment for its staff. 

The floor underwent a significant redesign and renovation process that gave room for an open space workstation with a modern architectural design which guarantees a suitable working and conducive environment for better collaboration and flexibility. 

The remodelled floor has major sections like breakout meeting rooms, a digital video conference room, relaxation corners and a kitchenette, all of which allow for creativity, exchange of ideas through collaborative planning and enhanced energy of working together openly. 

Other key equipment like CCTV to enhance the security network within and outside the office premises, and a biometric system to capture checking-in and out-of-staff are in place. These initiatives support better risk management in case of emergency and all are in line with OICL organizational transformation plans. 

The remodelling and transformation work on the 21st floor which took up to 3 months to complete is now functional and occupied by staff of various departments and units. The Management believes that the new modern office will further boost staff morale and enhance productivity towards the attainment of the organization’s ambitious 2025 strategic aspiration of Sweat, Revive and Create (SRC). 

Relaxation Lobby
Reception Area
Video Conference Room